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Scanner Chronicles
Newcastle Scan goes Shopping


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Sometimes we have to leave the comfort of monitoring stations and do some undercover work!

I have been chasing frequencies used in our local shopping centres for some time now. As you would be able to tell by our retail page, there were some centres missing.
Mick called me today and said "lets go shopping".
We were able to find frequencies used in three centres in the couple of hours we had spare.
Mick collected me from home and we headed towards Maitland, on the list we needed Green Hills, Hunter Mall, Pender Place, Raymond Terrace Market Place, Raymond Terrace Plaza, Belmont City Centre, Market Square and Market Town.
First stop,, Pender Place. We had a walk through the centre, looking for someone who appeared to be working there that may have been carrying a two way. In the car park I came across the security guard. I approached him and told him what we are all about and could we take a photo for our web page. Without not much consideration, the answer was a straight out NO !!!. Well,, no drama's, life is too short to be hassled by a security guard so I moved on. But, hey,,, what about the frequency ?? I wasn't going back to ask that's for sure, but I did notice that he had a UHF CB on his belt. So it was in the UHF CB band "somewhere". Mick and I decided to have a look in Tandy's before we left. Then as we were about to walk out the Centre's door the guard came past again, this time I could clearly see the display was on channel 4. - which is 476.500
Second stop,,, Hunter Mall. Again we walked through the centre until we found a worker with a two way. This time it was a cleaner, we approached him and done the speech and asked for a photo. He thought about it for some time and said no, and that he better ask the Centre Manager. We told him to keep our card and we will return if it was OK. We returned to the car and drove off. We were a few blocks away when my mobile rung. It was security from Hunter Mall. He invited us to return, both he and the Centre Manager were all for helping us and also gaining free publicity for Hunter Mall. We met Adam from Prestige Protection. Apparently Adam had visited our web site before and we talked scanners and radio's for some time. We took a quick pic of him out the front of the centre under their Hunter Mall sign, and we talked all the back to where his car was parked. Adam also allowed us to take a pic of his much loved 780XLT.  THANK YOU HUNTER MALL FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY !!!   And their frequency is 477.050
We were running out of time and needed to head back to Micks, we planned our next shopping trip. After we finish what we had to do, Mick says, "lets go to Raymond Terrace".
Third stop,,, Raymond Terrace Market Place. Again, we walked through the centre and were only there a couple of minutes when we heard voices on the scanner which was in search mode. It was a cleaner calling the centre security to inform him that there were kids in the car park on bikes. That was an easy find,,  477.150
Forth stop,, Raymond Terrace Plaza. No joy there because as soon as we got out the car we could see the cleaner and the security standing having a chat. It was easy to see that they would not be using their radios in the near future. We need to visit there again.
Because we had a fair idea of what frequency band we needed to search, it made our job very easy. However, we still need to plan another trip to locate the others

Adam From Prestige Security doing his checks

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