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Scanner Chronicles
Town House Fire


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Up early and catching the worm

The Hardworking 260 Team
Surveying the scene

Well, im known for my late nights and late morning rises (afternoons that is) but garry and I had a mission to do, so I set the alarm clock for me a modest 12PM(which is 2-3hrs earlier than usual for me), and well I duly rose and freshened up and sat at my computer prior to leaving, I heard a radio call, it was garry, I thought he was checking up to see if I was up(as im usually not) well he did seem surprised but he asked if i was ready to roll as there was a fire at merewether, at burner st... i thought he was joking ,after all, fire?, burner st, but i went and on the way remembered it was "BERNER" St and asked Garry to look up the location and then gave me directions. I could smell fire from Newcastle west so I thought it was either close or very big.. it was big. As I arrived I saw all of Newcastle station 260 except hazmat logistic support van it came later and a hamilton pumper. An ambulance was pulling away and there was ambulance paramedics and a few ambulance officers and a police car.
More police arrived as the Fireys were working to put out the fire, it was bad. They had two adjoining townhouse to the right and if the fire broke thru another home could be lost.
As I watched smoke bellowing out of the scortched and twisted metal windows frames in this 3 storey dwelling is saw them work to stop the flames from taking hold of anymore.
After about an hour they had it out and started a mop up..
I left and continued on to Garrys to do what was planned. I went back to the scene later to show Garry the location and we were allowed to have a look inside and got some pictures.
As the day continued on the way home just before six we came across Newcastle Pumper 260 again after a car had slid across a road over an embankment, hit a tree and caught fire.
So who knows maybe ill get up earlier from now on.... Nah
Below youll find the recording below and we took over 40 pictures so ill work out a way of displaying them soon





Click here for the NSWFB comms file



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