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Scanner Chronicles


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Our First Fire for 2003!


"Wake Up !!!! There's a house on fire".
That was part of the phone call I made to Mick.
There were numerous reports coming over the scanner of a house alight in the Newcastle suburb of Bar Beach.
Mick was keen to get amongst the smoke and get some pics, I stayed in my radio shack and made the recordings. I gave him the directions and within minutes he was there getting the pictures that are below.
I was happy that I managed to record the first RED RED RED. But the firies on scene had heaps of noise in the background. The fire was well and truly going. A male was taken to hospital. There were also fears of a brick wall falling so the SES was called in. It is great to see and hear how all of our local emergency services work in with each other.
Mike> as per usual I was sleeping like a log after doing the dog watch shift, I did however stir as I heard the soothing sounds of Garry calling on the 2 way (I ignore all phone calls till I get up :)).
There was a fire at Bar Beach... I was still grogy but got dressed ASAP and was on the way in less than 2 minutes!
Heading in to town from my 20, I could see smoke on the hill in the distance which meant their was a good chance that I would get some shots, I headed to the fire and yes they were still putting out the fire. I got some good shots for you and garry captured the audio as usual. We will continue to capture for you the best recordings and pictures we can.







The Favorite Pic of the Year.. So Far :)
As Voted by G.Luxton :) (c) 2003 Newcastlescan

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