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Scanner Chronicles
Fire in Windale


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"Newcastle Comms,, this is pumper 500,, code 7"
"Newcastle Comms,, this is pumper 255,, code 7"



My ears pricked up, something must be happening locally. Both Windale and Charlestown Fire Brigades are rolling somewhere.
"Newcastle Comms,, this is tanker 255,, code 7"
There goes the water tanker from Charlestown.
As the appliance from Windale called off on scene advising that there was smoke issuing, I grabbed my camera and headed to the Windale address.
Upon arrival, I noticed that the appliance from Charlestown had started to run hose lines into the Housing Commission unit. Crews from Windale were getting their BA gear on. I spoke to one of the Fire Brigade officials and asked if was OK to take some photos, he lead me to the rear of the building to get a better view of the unit.
Ambulance officers and Police were on scene, doing their required task,, It was great to see all the emergency services working so well together. It was established that the unit was unoccupied and that there no injuries.
The fire crews invited me up for a closer look and to get some shots of them cleaning up.
Once again,, Our emergency services showed why they are Australia's best.
click below for the soundbyte of the incident

Click here to hear the soundbyte





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