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Scanner Chronicles
Redhead Fires


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Major Bush Fire at Redhead



25 / 10 / 02
The morning started off as it did every day for the past week or so,,, very hot.
There were reports of a scrub fire again near Redhead and the services responded. Upon arrival, the crews knew it was going to big, they started calling for more units.
For the next 12 hours or more, the fight was on !!! It was mother nature Vs our local emergency services.
There were several heart stopping moments for our emergency crews as the fire raged towards property including a retirement village. The police and ambulance crews were preparing for evacuations if the flames could not be stopped.
From my listening post I could clearly see flames licking into the air. On my scanner, I could hear the Fire Brigade and the RFS co ordinating themselves on their fire ground channels. And of course,,, I hit record !!!
I was talking to Mick, we both agreed,, we need photo's to go with our recordings.
As smoke covered the area, police started to set up road blocks.
I lost count of how many units were on the fire ground at Redhead, but, It was heaps !!
As the crews battled the flames, it was easy to see how well our emergency services worked together, The Fire Brigade and the RFS were in the path of the fire doing all that they could to stop it, The ambulance and police were not far behind doing their required task. No matter what service they represented, they stood united.  A great job was done by all,,, I have always said that we have the best crews in the country.
The fire raged well into the night, the orange glow could be seen from many surrounding suburbs. Eventually, the Brigade and RFS managed to knock the fire down, and moved in to dampen any hot spots. 

Click here for the comms recording (size 2,454,386)


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