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Scanner Chronicles
The S.R.A Law Enforcers


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The S.R.A Law Enforcers


Thousands of commuters travel on the City Rail Network each day. To ensure the safety of passengers and to protect the income of City Rail you will see the "Law Enforcers" throughout the network. These men and women can be seen patrolling the stations and trains and also checking if the passengers hold a current ticket.
There are all different sections that these people work under. They include On Train Security Guards (OTSG), Revenue Protectors, Protective Security Services and more
Most of the radio traffic of the Law Enforcers is heard on the GRN. You can find the GRN frequencies along with other SRA frequencies elsewhere at
The list below contain the GRN talk groups that are allocated to "The Law Enforcers"
20928  City Rail ConSec (contact security)
19040  Patrol 1 Security Officers OTSG
19056  Patrol 2 Security Officers OTSG
19072  Patrol 3 Security Officers OTSG
18272  City Rail Protective Security 1
18288  City Rail Protective Security 2
18304  City Rail Protective Security 3
18320  City Rail Protective Security 4
18336  City Rail Revenue Protection Operations 1
18352  City Rail Revenue Protection Operations 2
18368  City Rail Revenue Protection Operations 3
18384  City Rail Revenue Protection Operations 4
18448  City Rail South 1 (Fairfield Revenue Protection)
18464  City Rail South 2 (Fairfield Revenue Protection)
18480  City Rail Blacktown 1 (Blacktown Revenue Protection)
18496  City Rail Blacktown 2 (Blacktown Revenue Protection)
18512  City Rail Illawarra 1 (Rockdale Revenue Protection)
18528  City Rail Illawarra 2 (Rockdale Revenue Protection)
18544  City Rail South Coast 1 (Wollongong Revenue Protection)
18560  City Rail South Coast 2 (Wollongong Revenue Protection)
18576  City Rail Gosford 1 (Gosford Revenue Protection)
18592  City Rail Gosford 2 (Gosford Revenue Protection)
18608  City Rail Newcastle 1 (Newcastle Revenue Protection)
18624  City Rail Newcastle 2 (Newcastle Revenue Protection)
18640  City Rail Chatswood 1 (Chatswood Revenue Protection)
18656  City Rail Chatswood 2 (Chatswood Revenue Protection)
18672  City Rail City 1 (Central Revenue Protection)
18688  City Rail City 2 (Central Revenue Protection)
19008  BAS 1 - Drug Evaluation Unit
18400  Special Operations 1
18416  Special Operations 2
18432  Special Operations 3
Also tune into your various local police channels to hear the transit police.
I find it very interesting to listen in to the law enforcers. If you stumble across anything else that is in use, please email me at

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