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Scanner Chronicles
My local station 500 Windale


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My Local Fire Station

500 Station Windale



We walk past them in the street, say a friendly hi, as neighbours do, then maybe dismiss the meeting as a casual occurrence, but they are an important factor in our community. They share our happy times and our sad times, and yet when they are needed they are always there.


For the past thirty two years, these men and women and others like them, have protected our homes, business and bushland that surrounds ours and neighbouring communities, with out as much as a thought for their own safety, and they do this as volunteers (however, they are now paid a retainment wage). They do if for the love and pride of their community. Over fifty people have filed through the ranks of the Windale Fire Station, how many more will there be?


On the 15th October 1970, the Windale Fire Brigade was born, Station officer Rex Wilmont was sent from Sydney to supervise the equipping of the station and to call for applications for volunteer firemen, and also the training of these people., out of the twenty six applications a Captain and nine volunteers were selected, they were Brigade Captain John Bridge, Dudley Archer, Raymond Henry, Don Spence, Michael Lynch, Max Saxby, Ray Grimwood, Owen Smith, Brian Swaddling and Don Duffield.


The first fire attended was in Cherry Street Windale on the 18th October.


In 1974 John Bridge resigned as captain, and Don Spence was appointed to that position. It was not easy in the early days, as no electricity was connected to the building; a generator was used to assist the firemen during their night training.


Fighting fires are not all that they are involved in, they have helped schools and the community in general. Windale Fire Brigade is also well known for their Christmas lolly run in the area. This is when you will see Santa on the top of their truck going from street to street throwing lollies to the kids.


One of the station's officers, Brendan Daly was the receiver of the NSW Fire Bravery Medal. This award has only been given twenty eight times in the NSW brigades one hundred and eight-year history.


So when you pass them on the street and say hi, give a thought to the time and effort they put in serving and protecting the community and spare a thought for their families, who put in the long hours waiting for their safe return.


Even though they have other jobs and commitments, they are on call 24 hours a day. They are ready for that all-important call.


Below is a list of the trucks that have been used at Windale Station. There are a few blank spots for some dates and rego numbers. If you know this information, please drop us a line and help me fill in the blanks


  1. No 62 Bedford J1???? No 371 Isuzu Pumper


????                 No ??? Mack Type 75


????                 No ??? Dennis D600


????                 No ??? Ford D series


  1. No 504 International ACCO 1610A


  1. FBY 168 International ACCO 1810D


2003        FBY 503 Isuzu Urban Pumper Type 2



On the 15th of January 2003, Windale Station was given a new appliance to replace the aging International appliance that has served the community.


The Captain of Windale Fire Station, Mr Don Spence

Photos & Article, Written By G.Luxton